Sustainable Tourism Destination Assessment as a Baseline for Tanjung Kelayang Tourism Development

  • Herdi Andrariladchi Department of Environment Development and Sustainability, Faculty of International Graduate School, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Narumon Arunotai Social Science Research Institute, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand


Tourism is a complex and prominent sector in Indonesia that involved many stakeholders. Led by the success story of Bali tourism development which able to grow beyond all expectation, helping to improve public and private infrastructure, including the birth and growth of small-medium enterprises, led the Indonesian government to distribute and spread the development all over Indonesia through Ten New Bali concept. One of these is Tanjung Kelayang, located in Belitung Island. Despite Bali success stories, negative impacts of Bali tourism development on environmental sustainability appeared, such as land-use change, soil and water degradation, pollutions, waste mismanagement, etc. Reflected from Bali negative tourism impact, this paper will identify and analyse Tanjung Kelayang tourism development as a New Bali using sustainable tourism destination criteria to create baseline data. A qualitative approach using both primary data by on-site observation and in-depth interview with related parties, and secondary data by identifying the Local Official Tourism Development Master Plan (RIPPARKAB) year 2014 and other studies in regards with Tanjung Kelayang tourism development by using GSTC-D V2 as a tool to reflect sustainability commitment was occurred on this paper. The result of compliance shows that only 19% for Sustainable Management, 4% for Socio-Economy Sustainability, 11% for Cultural Sustainability, and 0% for Environmental Sustainability. Thus, it shows the gap of Tanjung Kelayang tourism development in regards with sustainable destination concept. Hence, a commitment, communication, and cooperation from all related parties is necessary to be in place to achieve a sustainable tourism destination development in Tanjung Kelayang.