A Bibliometric Mapping of Educational Technology in Indonesia (2011-2020)

  • Darmawansah Darmawansah National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taipei, Taiwan


This study reveals educational technology research trends in Indonesia for the consecutive ten years (2011-2020). The analysis included co-authorship, co-occurrence, citation, and co-citation by finding the top authors, universities, journals, the most used keywords, and citation variables. The data was taken from the Web of Science. A total of 248 studies were found and then shrunk into 59 studies related to educational technology. The mapping analysis used VOSviewer to visualize the selected studies. It was concluded that the Nurkhamid had the highest numbers of citations, while publications from Yogyakarta State University were declared as the most-cited papers. In terms of the most-cited journals (citation analysis), the Australasian Journal of Educational Technology was named on it, and Computers & Education was the most-cited based on co-citation analysis. Based on the co-occurrence analysis, some of the terms, including education, technology, activity theory, English, and science, were enunciated as the most used keywords in the selected period. Further analysis was discussed herein.