Analysis of User Resistance Towards Adopting E-Office: A Case from A Governmental Organization

  • Pandu Dwi Luhur Pambudi Department of Information Systems, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, Indonesia


The advancement in information technology is accelerating, affecting many industries. Government entities are one of the industries that have been affected. They adopt information technology (IT) to replace disorganized traditional business processes. This study observes that the IT innovation adoption in an organization will lead to some resistance. We bring a case of IT adoption to replace one part of a manual business process (letter management system) into a digitalized system called E-office in one of Indonesia’s governmental organizations. The adoption of IT causes some resistance within the organization, which motivates us to identify resistances before and during the adoption. We interview a team who oversees handling E-office implementation and discovered two types of resistances in technology adoption: delaying resistances and opposition resistances. Meanwhile, there are two types of behavioral resistances: reluctant compliance resistance and misguided application resistance. This research further provides details on the approaches used by the organization to mitigate resistances before and during the adoption of the E-office project's implementation.